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Crystal Tumbles - 12 types


Besides being a beautiful addition to your desk + home, crystals are known for a variety of properties that can add a little magic to your every day. 

Choose from the following:

Black Tourmaline - grounding, balance, calming, cleansing

Smoky Quartz - grounding, calming, dispels negativity, cleansing

Tree Agate - energy, clarity, honesty, connection

Clear Quartz - intuition, balance, alignment

Howlite - calming, awareness, patience 

Amethyst - inspiration, courage, decision making

Blue Quartz - communication, confidence, insight

Aventurine - imagination, prosperity, calmness, balance

Ruby Fuchsite - cleansing, intuition, emotional support

Amazonite - creativity, balance, communication

Citrine - manifestation, clarity, abundance

Rose Quartz  - love, compassion, energy


One tumbled crystal

1"-2.5" at largest point

A random crystal will be selected for you

Each crystal is unique and will vary in sizing as well as color