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Yamamoto Fountain Pen Friendly Paper Collection


This Paper Collection is a sample book that includes a variety of paper types recommended for the fountain pen. Try them all and find the one that you like best! The notepad is bound along the top edge like a memo pad so you can tear off sheets one by one.

This set features 5 sheets of each of the following 16 kinds of paper:

  • No.1 Thin Paper by Kokuyo 52gsm
  • No.2 Sanzen Tomoe River 52gsm
  • No.3 Cosmo Air Light 75gsm
  • No.4 Kin Kaku Den Super White
  • No.5 Yamamoto Bank Paper Takasago Premium 87.9gsm
  • No.6 Bank Paper 48.2gsm
  • No.7 Champion Copy 35gsm
  • No.8 Typewriter Paper 27.9gsm
  • No.9 Air Mail Bond White 61.7gsm
  • No.10 b7-Bulky 70gsm
  • No.11 Light Force 68gsm
  • No.12 Smooth Onion Skin supports alcohol inks 40gsm
  • No.13 Half Tone Color White 64gsm
  • No.14 Slight White 81.4gsm
  • No.15 Soliste 65gsm
  • No.16 Sun Sun Kent 81.4gsm


One pad of paper

80 sheets total, 5 sheets of each type

(A4) 8.25" x 11.70"

Cardboard backing

Made in Japan