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Yamamoto Paper Tasting Set - Yellow


This Paper Tasting Set contains three types of paper in 3 different sizes so you can try a variety of options without committing to a lot of pages. Each style paper is bound into a notepad so you can easily carry it around and write!

This set features 25 sheets of each of the following kinds of paper:

  • Kaguya (B7 size) - 10 colors of Kaguya each represent a different phase as the moon waxes and wanes
  • Paradise Yellow (A6 size) -  A lightly textured yellow paper with colorful dots
  • Raicho Color Jumpaku (B6 size) - This paper was commonly used to wrap fruits such as apples and pears for shipment. 


One pad of paper

75 sheets total, 25 sheets of each color

3.5" x 5" (B7), 4" x 6" (A6), 5" x 7.25" (B6)

Cardboard backing

Made in Japan