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419 Piston Fill Fountain Pen - Ivory


Our new favorite piston fill fountain pen in a beautiful ivory color! The way this fountain pen works, fill it up with your favorite bottled ink and begin writing. Simply insert the nib of the pen into a bottle of ink and twist the back end to fill the pen. This pen has a transparent window on the barrel so you can watch the ink level as well!

This retro pen is inspired by the legendary "419" pen with it's piston loading system. No cartridges will work in this fountain pen - the piston mechanism is built into the pen so this pen is only fillable with bottled ink.

Scrickss is a leading Turkish manufacturer of writing instruments. The company was established in 1964 in Istanbul and has a flourishing legacy of more than 50 years.


One pen

Medium nib in gold

Acrylic resin

Piston filling system