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Blackwing Volume 55 - Set of 12


This sleek blue and silver finish Blackwing pencil is truly a classic. The Blackwing 55 was inspired by the golden ratio and features a design inspired by the Fibonacci sequence, a series of numbers that approximate the Golden Ratio.

The golden ratio can be heard in arrangements of Beethoven, Mozart and Bach and seen in works of art from Salvador Dali, Frank Lloyd Wright and more. The width of each color block is the sum of the widths of the previous two color blocks: 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13 ,21, 34, and 55.

This pencil features a balanced graphite core, ideal for writing. And the box can double as a pencil holder too!

Blackwing Two-Step Long Point Sharpeners available here and Blackwing Replacement Erasers available here.


One set of 12 pencils

Balanced graphite

Collectors box

Pencils come unsharpened