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Kyoto Fountain Pen Ink - 10 colors


Made in the Japanese city of Kyoto, Kyo No Oto inks feature traditional Japanese colors inspired by the city's beautiful scenery and culture. These inks are excellent for fountain pens and dip pens, as well as other ink media. 

Color descriptions:

No. 01 ink is a glossy black color reminiscent of a crow's wing.

No. 02 ink is is a bright pink-red inspired by the safflower dyes popular throughout Heian-era Japan. 

No. 03 ink is a soft moss shade of green.

No. 04 ink is a soft golden shade of yellow.

No. 05 ink is a subdued indigo ink is inspired by the light of the moon floating in a blue-gray sky above Kyoto.

No. 06 ink is a rich shade of burgundy.

No. 07 ink is a pale blue color inspired by celadon porcelain.

No. 08 ink is a yellow-green color like new leaves that sprout in early spring.

No. 13 ink is blue-green fountain pen ink inspired by the color of the antique Chinese jade stone, Seihek.

No. 14 ink is a pale red color used by members of the royal family and people of high social status.


One 40ml jar of ink

Inks are made in small batches so the color can vary slightly

Made in Kyoto, Japan