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Midori Japanese Notepad (A5) - 2 paper types


This every day notepad was designed to create a luxurious writing experience. The pages are glued along the top and right sides, so the pages stay neatly in place regardless of how you use it: vertically or horizontally, on a desk or held in one hand.

There is a small notch cut across the unglued corner, making it easy to see which corner to pull from when you're ready to remove a sheet. The notch also helps protect the corner from getting folded or crumpled over time.

This pad features classic Midori Diary (MD) paper, which was developed in 1960 in Japan and has been continuously improved on ever since. The paper is bleed resistant, feather resistant, and fountain pen friendly, giving the user a pleasant writing experience.

Choose from 2 paper types - blank or graph.


One notepad

Cream (off white paper)

90 sheets 

Double-edge binding 

Sturdy chip board backing

A5 (8.2"x5.8")

 Made in Japan