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Sailor Hocoro Dip Pen - Blue + White


This Sailor Hocoro Dip Pen make it easy to write with fountain pen inks without having to commit to one ink for a longer period of time! The pen only comes with a nib and no feed - the only thing you have to do to switch between ink colors is dip in water and wipe off with a cloth.

The Sailor Dip Pen differs from most other dip pens in its customizability and portability. The nib is in a resin section that can be completely pulled out and removed, allowing you to swap nib sizes out.

While many other dip pens are meant to stay on your desk, the Hocoro is portable, lightweight and short enough to fit into your pen case. In place of a cap, which would add unnecessary length, simply pull the nib out of the barrel and invert it into the hollowed out barrel to "cap" the pen for travel.

This set includes one pen.

One dip pen set

1 pen body, fine nib and 1.0mm calligraphy nib