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Zebra Clickart Marker Pens (12) - 4 color palette options


The Zebra Clickart combines the fun of a colorful felt tip marker pen with the convenience of a retractable ballpoint pen. These marker pens are perfect for bullet journaling, daily lettering, and drawing, featuring a 0.6mm tip.

Color palettes:

Primary set - Black, Blue, Light Blue, Green, Light Green, Yellow, Orange, Red, Pink, Purple, Gray, and Brown. 

Light set - Pale Blue, Aqua Blue, Leaf Green, Mint Green, Marigold, Pale Orange, Peach Pink, Salmon Pink, Baby Red, Cherry Pink, Lavender, Cocoa Brown

Jewel set -  Magenta, Red Black, Red Orange, Viridian, Green Black, Blue Green, Turquoise Blue, Blue Grey, Smoky Blue, Blue Black, Light Brown, Dark Brown


Set of 12

0.6mm bullet tip

Waterbased dye ink

Made in Japan