Come visit us Tuesday-Saturday 11am-5pm and Sunday 12pm-5pm!

2023 Stationery Store Day

Pei Sim

OMG! Stationery Store Day this past Saturday was absolutely amazing! Our very first guest in line showed up at 6:45am and by the time 11am rolled around we had a line wrapped around the side of our shop. Y'all, I am continuously blown away by the love and support we receive. 
To say I am grateful is an understatement! 
This year we wanted to focus more on fun activities for y'all and really try to make the day as fun as possible for everyone. We had goody bags, stationery costume contest, D.I.Y. stations, a boba drink station, an in-store scavenger hunt as well as debuted new products + our Paper Passport. Our shop was jam packed so thank you all for your patience and kindness to each other as well as to our team who were all working so hard to check y'all out/answer your questions. 
Kicking off the morning with our Stationery Costume Contest was by far a highlight for me personally. As usual, my worrier self was worried that A. No one would come celebrate SSD with us and B. No one would come dressed up! I know even after 8 years of owning a physical shop space I still get nervous and worry about any event we host. 
Of course there's so much more to say and share but I am honestly still soaking it all in. I'll leave y'all with some cute photos and will share more via Instagram later this week! 
If you got a chance to come out to support us, thank you again. If you celebrated with us virtually, thank you too! We're already buzzing about next year's plans so consider this your reminder to go ahead and start planning your stationery costume for Stationery Store Day 2024!