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48 Hrs in NYC

Pei Sim

We spent last week in New York City for two trade shows and built in a couple of days to explore the city. I've typically gone by myself over the years but last year (and this year) I was able to take two of our shop employees with me as a little bonus treat! 

This year's trip started off rocky with a cancelled flight and a half day delay into the city which threw off our plans and also ended in a travel disaster sandwich with over half a dozen delays and a cancelled flight. But the in-between was fun, memorable and full of good food! I'll do a proper photo dump + recap of the trade shows to give y'all a lil peek at what's coming soon to our shop next week once I have time to decompress after a truly stressful travel experience!

But I wanted to share some of the local restaurants, coffee shops and small businesses in the city so in case you have short trip coming up or are going to plan a trip, here's a quick itinerary for your convenience! 

Enjoy :)

Day 1:

Breakfast - Bagel (duh! We wanted to try pop up bagel in the city but never made it there and since we aren't bagel snobs, we assume all NYC bagels are better than any bagels back home) 

Lunch - Rubirosa (reservations needed! Order the lasagna and tie dye pizza!)

Shopping - Goods for the Study (there are two side by side, one focusing on writing utensils and next door you'll find more notebooks + desk goods) and Little Mooney (adorable kid/children's shop with clothing, toys and books!) 

Matcha stop - Matchaful

Dinner - Congee Village (We ordered the beef chow fun, scallops and veggies and sweet & sour pork) 

Dessert - Levain Cookies (Good luck just getting one cookie as you inhale all the good smells as you are waiting in line to order!) 

Day 2: 

Breakfast - Supermoon Bake House (Everything is so good! You can't go wrong with anything you choose!)

Shopping - Nico Necco (teeny tiny stationery shop that is possibly my favorite spot in the city!) 

Lunch - Xian Fine Foods (I will dream of their noodles for the foreseeable future! Their regular spice level has a good kick even for me, someone who loves spice!)

Shopping - Chelsea Market (loved visiting Pearl River Market - an Asian department store as well as the flea market inside)

Matcha stop - Cha Cha Matcha 

Dinner - Her Name is Han (modern Korean food! Their garlic chicken as well as Asian inspired cocktails were so good!) 

Dessert - Soft Swerve or Keki Cheesecake