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March Update II

Alyssa Nguyen

March Update II


We will be closing the doors to our shop + studio for now.**

Our business relies on our physical space for it’s revenue - through our retail space + our workshop studio. Y’all are our bread and butter. 

As a champion for all things analog (duh, we’re a stationery/paper shop) and in person experiences - nothing makes us happier than connecting with each of you who come through our shop. From helping y’all pick out the perfect card and gift for someone special, to creating a space for you to learn something new and craft - not having our doors open not only makes me incredibly sad, but is also going to be a huge financial stress on this small business.

In full transparency here’s what’s going on:


We will be pressing pause on all our upcoming workshops and events for the month of March + April - all current workshop ticket holders will be receiving workshop credit towards a future workshop.


A lot of you have asked how you can support us - and some have already supported us through online sales. Some of you have suggested I host a sale through stories, or host online workshops - while those are wonderful ideas on an ordinary day, it feels painfully inauthentic to me and what this small business stands for - especially right now.

I’ve always prided this business for it’s commitment to quality and as much as workshop kits and online resources has been on my never ending list of things I want to accomplish with the business, it’s obviously fallen to the back burner because of a lot of reasons - like life, a new baby, in addition to me really loving that our physical space encourages people to engage and interact in-person. 

For now, I do not plan to roll out any new online offerings. It does not feel right to rush it. Or to push new online sales with everything going on in our city, in our world. Also, those of you may know me probably know how I tend to move “slower” in all aspects of the business - I’d like to think of it as me being very mindful of the reason behind every business decision :) 

Instead of focusing on how you can solely support us, I’d like to urge you to support others in real life instead. Check in on your neighbor. Share resources you may have (yes I’m talking TP etc.) Choose to share joyful moments online. Try to tune out all the excess noise on the internet. Find the good in the every day.

If you still feel inclined to, you are welcome to continue to do so in the form of our online shop or an e-gift certificate. This will lessen the burden of keeping our team employed as well as help us reopen when the time comes.


I hope and believe that this will bring out the very best in people and I hope to connect with y’all over the next few weeks online (you’ll find riveting videos of my adorable baby, crazy pups, and my face :)

And although it truly makes me sad to close for the next few weeks, I’m trying to be optimistic. I’m so grateful that I will be able to take care of all four of our employees through the next few weeks of our closure. (I swear that book number three on my small biz book list has set me up financially, as a business, to weather out hard times - at least for a bit!)

See y’all soon - stay healthy - be good to each other - stationery with an “e” forever!



**Our plans to reopen will be evaluated and assessed in the coming days and weeks. Please check on social media for updates!