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Monthly Goals: June 2022

Pei Sim

Pre-P (aka Pre-Penelope/Pre-Parenthood), I had cultivated a habit of setting not just yearly goals but monthly ones. 

These "mini" monthly goals felt way more digestible and less overwhelming. It helped me set the tone for each month and allowed me to focus on a few things. The notable difference in my monthly goals lately is that I moved my personal goals on top of the shop goals. While this may seem like a small thing to do, it visually and mentally reminds me that first and foremost, I need to prioritize myself and my personal life before work. 

As a small business owner, it is both a blessing and a curse to love what I do so much that it's easy to put work and the business above what I personally need. 

The way I have been writing out my monthly goals resemble my daily to-do list. I only pick a few things, no more than 5, to focus on each month. If I accomplish these 5 things, I can always move on to do more as well as always have permission from myself to do absolutely nothing else

I love writing out my monthly goals on a piece of notepad paper and I usually washi tape it to my cork board in my office so I can look at it daily. I have also taped it to the inside of my notebook so you have the option and flexibility of moving it anywhere you want!  

Here's the notepad and pen I am currently using + loving - because a crisp and fresh sheet of paper + a good writing pen is really the best :) 

Do you set monthly goals? If you do, share them with me!