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New York, New York: Things to do, explore and eat

Pei Sim

We spent a whirlwind few days in New York last week for not one but two trade shows! It's been over 2 years since I was last in the city and it felt good to be back. And it was extra special being able to bring Meg and Anna along with me. 

Trade shows have changed a lot for so many reasons. The cost to exhibit is astronomical, the pandemic has caused small businesses to shift their priorities etc. But I personally still love it! It's a chance for me to see and visit current vendors we work with as well as discover new brands too. 

Things to do, explore and eat in New York

Here was our itinerary for our trip:

We took an early flight out on Monday morning and immediately headed to lunch for some much needed food - we had some of the best sushi. Then we spent the rest of the afternoon exploring and visiting some local shops - this quirky shop with the best/most clever signage, a cute and colorful stationery shop, and another because we love stationery (obviously), we stopped for a cold pre-dinner dessert, and as we were headed to dinner, stumbled upon yet another little stationery shop that is also a post office! We ate dinner at one of my favorite noodle spots in the city before capping off the night with, you guessed it, more dessert

All day Tuesday was dedicated to NYNOW and Shoppe Object - two bi-annual trade shows that showcase hundreds of businesses. We grabbed bagels and walked the highline towards the convention center and spent about 4 hours walking the floor. Then we headed to the second trade show but stopped in Chinatown for some really yummy food (get the fish congee - pronounced "con-jee", beef chow fun noodles and salt & pepper shrimp) p.s. It's customary for them to serve your table a pot of tea instead of water, the tea always served hot and is really good! 

Wednesday was Meg's and Anna's last day in the city so we wanted to have some more fun and squeezed in a few more stops. First we had breakfast (I made the mistake of getting a bowl that was super bleh but they loved their sandwiches!) Then we went to what I like to call the Italian foodie Disney land for some espresso and coffee. We walked past this spot and realized we were all huge fans aka nerds - another bonding moment haha! We decided to pop by one more stationery shop, it's teeny tiny but probably my new fave in the city! Then we stopped by my favorite matcha place on the way back to the hotel to grab their bags so they could head to the airport. 

The trip, while short, was so memorable and fun!  I cannot wait to show you all the wonderful things I found for the shop :) 

And if you do visit New York, be sure to add these spots to your list!