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Our First In-Studio Workshop

Pei Sim

Our First In-Studio Workshop

Hello everyone! 

Gosh it's been a minute since I have blogged and I feel like it's a great time to share our first blog post that features our first workshop in 2021! 

It felt extra special since this workshop was led by my friend and super talented artist, Emily of Revery Paper Flora. Emily had texted me to let me know she was in town and wanted to see if I could meet up for dinner - according to her, which is accurate, I called her instead of texting back and basically convinced her to teach a workshop with the allure of our new studio space as well as with promises of food after. 

I know it might sound silly but I said to everyone in the class while I was sitting there working on my paper flower how truly happy I feel in the moment. It felt surreal having an actual in-person workshop after so many months of not having anyone in our studio. And it felt even more magical in our brand new workshop studio. 

This first workshop has me very excited to resume a bit more normalcy and bring back our monthly workshops for y'all!

The plan to resume our in-person classes was to start back up officially starting October of this year with some changes to how we do things. 

Pre-Covid (and pre having a child), I felt like we did a lot. Like a lot. 3-4 workshops or events a week, every week from the day we opened our doors in 2015. And at least right now, that sounds overwhelming! I've had a lot of time to think about what I want this business to look like moving forward and something I keep coming back to is - less is more and also, doing less but doing it better. 

Here's how our workshops will look like:

  • 3-4 workshops a month released quarterly
    • VIP access to tickets for those on our newsletter list 1hr before it is publicly released
    • Classes will take place between Thursdays - Sundays
    • By hosting a more curated calendar of classes, it will allow us to create kit versions of the workshops at a more accessible price than our in-person classes and for those who do not live in Austin
  • Smaller class sizes
    • no more than 10 students per class
    • = more 1-on-1 instruction from instructors
  • Slightly longer class times
    • Classes will be 3+hrs in duration
    • we want everyone to feel like they have ample time to unwind, work and get creative as well as get to know the instructor + fellow students too!
  • Include more materials + goodies
    • the goal is to provide y'all with enough materials to not only create something during the class but have extras to take home to continue creating
    • extra surprise goodies as a thank you for attending
  • Get to know the instructor
    • We plan to cater in a delicious meal from a local small business to kick off each class
    • It's a wonderful time to get to know the instructor as well as your fellow students
    • We will also provide our usual snacks + beverages during the workshop 
  • Open Studio hours
    • Applies to workshops where the content allows for more work time
    • You will be welcome to come back into our studio with your supplies and get crafty!
  • Revised Workshop Policy
    • You will be able to send another student in your place 48hrs before the workshop or choose to have the kit version of the class shipped to you