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The Monthly Edit: July 2019

Alyssa Nguyen

The Monthly Edit: July 2019

Happy July friends! I hope you are enjoying these little monthly posts as much as I have enjoyed writing them. In a way, it serves as a little monthly check-in with myself to pause and reflect back on the past month as well as a way to get excited for whats to come :)

There’s some fun juicy stuff in this month’s post so you’re definitely going to want to take a few minutes to read though!


1. Officially celebrated ONE FULL YEAR in our new home at Springdale General!

Here are a few quick snaps of move in day :)

2. Rearranged our entire shop inventory + grew our pen collection for you guys!

Seriously, it’s pretty magical you’re going to want to come by and see it for yourself.

3. Attended the book launch + signing for a sweet frien'd’s new book- at quite possible the CUTEST spot in Austin.

You know I’ll be taking this book with me as we travel later this week (more on that below!) If you’d like to snag a copy and read along, you can grab one here.



Our first ever sidewalk sale- but inside because Texas haha!

Think of it as part studio + garage/yard sale with lots of things in our shop plus we invited in some other small biz friends to join us for an afternoon of fun and deals!


Y’all know how quickly our workshops tend to fill up, so don’t say we didn’t warn ya! We’ve been gently reminding you guys via our newsletter as well as through social media- so this is your third reminder ;) Several of these workshops are already down to the last few tickets!

Grab your ticket, and join us in our studio for some crafty + creative fun to beat the heat this summer!

From hand lettering to painting with gouache (pronounced as “squash!”) to drawing on your iPad to ceramics, we’ve got it all- but perhaps one we are most excited about is our first ever Candle Pouring Workshop. There’s no better way to try out a new craft and perhaps find your new hobby inventing incredible custom scents with your candles!


Our shop + studio will be closed starting Thursday, July 4th and we will reopen and resume our regular weekly schedule on Tuesday, July 9th. We’ve been open before in the past and it’s just incredibly slow days for us that we’ve decided to opt instead, to let ourselves spend time with our loved ones.

We’re open almost every weekend of the year so you can imagine it’s rather nice to get a few full weekends off a year :)

p.s. if you’re interested in following along, I’ll be in Hawaii for the week so definitely peek on Instagram for some updates and travel fun!


Well…if you haven’t seen me in person you probably haven’t noticed anything different around here. I’ve (along with Evan) have chosen to keep it mostly to ourselves for the past 4.5 months for a variety of reasons- but a huge part was the fact I honestly had a lot of mixed emotions about all of this!

But we’re having a baby!

We seriously just told our parents last week so we’ve definitely been very low key about it.

We wanted to tell them in a small but special way, and naturally I wanted to use stationery in some way. I found these really cute scratch off cards from one of the designers we carry in the shop and that’s how we decided to tell our parents. The card had an envelope inside that had the 12 week ultra sound that showed a pretty good profile view plus we also mailed a little Sugarfina box of piggie gummies since it’s the year of the pig.

Let me just say that I am excited- but just in a different, perhaps non-traditional way. I mostly have all the questions and have been googling and texting a few close friends “is this normal when…” Also, I’ve been sleeping a ton (which is not super unusual since I LOVE NAPS!) but more than usual. There were a few weeks where I swear I was asleep 16-18 hours a day lol

I experienced the typical queasiness/nausea (but with limited throwing up thank goodness!) and for the most part have just been swapping out random symptoms. Growing a human is super weird and a truly strange experience. I’ve never felt so unlike myself and so uncomfortable in my own skin- kinda takes me back to those teenage puberty days!

I’d be lying if I let y’all think I’m just happy and dandy with all of this- but I am honestly just terrified. I’m in my thirties and have always loved kids and have always wanted a family- I just have never been someone who was at all excited about pregnancy or new borns. We’ve talked about kids for a while now so it’s not like this was a surprise. I think I’m surprised by how this all feels and how it continues to ebb and flow. Don’t judge me but I want to be transparent about a few things that have been weighing on my mind: I’m scared of the pain and trauma that can happen with birth (I’m a huge weenie when it comes to pain). I’m self conscious AF of my changing body (I know this is so superficial and vain but ya’ll when thing don’t fit you and you can’t help the weight gain the struggle is real especially in the summer. In about 4.5 months, I’ve gained 10ish lbs so far), I feel a lot of guilt for not feeling “happier” about this when I know a lot of people and even close friends who would be happy to take on all of the horrible aches, pains and symptoms I have, I feel fear about what my life is going to look like and what business is going to look like (I love what I do with the business and I truly love being there and working!)…. the list could go on!

But again, inspite of all that it’s INSANE there’s a tiny human (and probably also a food baby in there lol) growing inside and I’m grateful. I remember freaking out when I saw a freakin’ hand basically wave at us at a pretty early ultrasound. In the meantime I’m soaking up the fact that both dogs have been extra obsessed with me lately- like they have to be near me and or touching me at all times and refuse to let me out of their sights.

I’ll share more here and there as the weeks/months progress via Instagram as well as give y’all updates in future editions of the Monthly Edit :)


Was this planned?

Yes to an extent. I shared a bit already up in the body of this section but here’s a little more detail. I’m in my thirties and we’ve been married for over 2.5 years now. We’ve both talked about having kids and a family some day but let me tell you, it doesn’t feel real until that some day is literally now.

How far along are you exactly? When are you due?

Officially 19 weeks this week- basically almost to the half way mark which is nuts. And our due date is in November- I’m not really sharing the exact date because due dates are basically a super vague guesstimate and apparently babies have a mind of their own and can come as early as weeks before to a couple of weeks after!

Do you know the gender?

Nope. Not going to find out- mostly because I think I would welcome a surprise. And also because I kind of dislike that baby things are so gender specific- why does all girl stuff have to be pink and why does all boy stuff have to have some sort of sports ball on it?!

Biggest struggle so far?

Listening to my body. Some days I feel 100% and like nothing is different, and other days I feel horrible! I’m learning to slow down and not make so many plans because I hate canceling and rescheduling on people. But some days I seriously feel so awful I’m in bed most of the day :( But those days seem to be happening less and less now!

Also, it’s true that EVERYONE has an opinion. From how much weight I should gain, have gained, haven’t gained- what I’m eating, or consuming, what I’m wearing, how I’m sleeping etc. And I’ve already had some unkind and somewhat hurtful things said to me. I don’t think it’s intentional in any of those instances but still. It does make you hyper aware of how even if you don’t have ill intentions, you should definitely go out of your way to be extra kind to everyone.

Biggest fear?

A big personal fear that may seem silly is that I’m afraid Harley will hate it/try to bite it. Harley (the little chihuahua who is 11 years old) has been my little “baby” and I’m just afraid of a potential dynamic shift.

Biggest excitement?

Tiny baby things are super cute! You know how much I love tiny things so I’ve had a little bit of fun getting baby clothes etc. My favorite thing so far are a pair of tiny overalls (ironic since I can no longer fit into my favorite overalls haha) But besides that, I am excited in general- perhaps buried under a lot of layers of feelings!

What are you going to do about the P+CP?

Keep calm and carry on. Kidding but also kinda accurate. I’m grateful for an amazing team of girls who support the shop day-to-day and have been making plans to physically step back for a few months later this year. The P+CP will operate as usual with our weekly retail hours as well as weekly workshops and classes.

Disclaimer: I always thought it was weird that people like to touch pregnant people. It hasn’t happen to me yet but I will straight up karate chop your hand if you try to touch my belly :)