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Our Fall 2022 Favorites

Aislinn Cameron

Happy October to all our paper friends! 

There are so many new things in the shop and we wanted to share our team's favorite stationery. And with this new season and month, we're so excited to announce that we will now be open on Wednesdays, too! You will be able to visit our storefront in Austin 5 days a week.

From spooky to seasonal to everyday stationery, we hope you FALL in love with what we picked because we know you will love them as much as we do!


Card: Gift to Hu-Manatee

Pen: Sarasa Nano Gel

Notebook: Correspondence Collection Desk Note

Office/Desk Supply: Postage Candle

Wild Card: Pink Geometric Shapes Matches

I am a self-proclaimed card hoarder and never need an excuse to buy a cute card to add to my stash - this cutie manatee card is my fave ever since I realized if I were to be a marine animal, I would choose a manatee! This gorgeous wood box holds a set of letterpress printed stationery, perfect for a quick note. I am also loving the new nano (0.3mm nib) version of our favorite Sarasa vintage pens. And of course, what's a candle without fancy matches? 



Card: Yas Yay Omg Congratulations

Pen: White Signo Gel Pen

Notebook: Large Green Rollbahn Notebook 

Office/Desk Supply: Colorful Push Pins 

Wild Card: Staircases and Archways Boxed Set

This is my go to notebook for all of my thoughts, doodles, and more. It fits great in my bag and I love the cool green color for Fall. These colorful pins add a pop of color to my desk and these archway boxed set are both a work of art and a fun way to send snail mail!



Card: P+CP Boo! Ghostie Card 

Pen: Sarasa Vintage Pen in Camel Yellow 

Notebook: Ruff House Mini Yellow Rainbow Notebook

Office/Desk Supply: Idlewild Mushroom Paper Clips

Wild Card: Smoky Quartz Crystal Tower

I love this golden yellow notebook and pen combo, they are perfect for on-the-go! The adorable mushroom paper clips are a must for organizing paperwork or even keeping notes in your planner. I love decorating with these beautiful crystal towers for Halloween and year round.


Card: Scream Cheese

Pen: Ohto Rays Black

Notebook: Stalogy 

Office/Desk Supply: Large D-Clip Cats

Wild Card: The Yellow Candle

My notebook and rays pen go everywhere with me! This fine tip pen is  great for writing down daily tasks and planning various events in my notebook. The cat paper clips can be used for holding papers and random stickers together or marking your page in a book. If I can incorporate Halloween into my stationery I definitely will!


​​Card: Sunny Side Up 

Pen: Le Pen Mustard Yellow

Notebook: Archer & Olive Leaf A5

Office/Desk Supply: Bright Abstract Sticker Sheet

Wild Card: Cup of Sunshine Tea

I am huge on bullet journaling my habits, calendar, and to-do lists! My love for Archer & Olive knows no bounds, and this one especially is in one of my favorite colors. The Le Pen mustard has such a sleek thin barrel and lovely felt tip, and it's so easy to pack in my purse for a quick note. The mustard also matches the yolk of my favorite egg pop up card! The sticker sheet is equally fun and adds some flair to my bujo for silly labels and thoughts to remember. And the tea... oh the tea.. I used to make a huge batch of ginger turmeric tea and make a big ol' mess, but now I can just pop a tea bag in my mug for a warm pick me up while I journal. A really sunny side up way to start my day (:

We hope you enjoyed our current favorite shop picks and hope you discover some of your own favorites in person or online! We can't wait to see you guys FIVE days out of the week now and of course, 24/7 online! 

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