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P+CP Quarantine Book + Resource List

Pei Sim

P+CP Quarantine Book + Resource List

Hello friends! WHAT A WEEK (and by week I mean past three weeks!)

Although we are not meeting for our monthly meetings, our book club-ers are still reading! And we wanted to share what we are currently reading as well as a list featuring some of our 2019 reads that we loved with you. I hope you can find some time during this very strange and even scary time in the world to escape through a good book :)

I think the books listed below are worth a re-read because they’re that good, at least in my opinion!

I’ve only committed to one book probably to span a couple of months - realistically there’s just SO much going on with transitioning the business completely online as well as navigating how to run the business without any support or help at the moment (you can peek at our second March Update for details)

I’m personally reading The Jetsetters, I’m particularly loving how it’s set in different cities and countries around the world - it’s been nice considering I’ve been only leaving the house once a week to go by the shop to fulfill our online orders!

Also not shocking, it’s a part of the Reese’s book club read. I jokingly say that our boo club could be an IRL version of her online book club. But her book choices have all been so good!

Krystal (@homemadeaustin on Instagram) who has been our long time book club-er is currently reading The Upside of Being Down by Jen Gotch and The Stationery Shop (which I feel like I MUST add to my list sheerly from the title!) She’s also reading Meg, Jo, Beth & Amy, which is a modern day re-telling of Little Women in a graphic novel form!

Check out our book list below and tell me in the comments what you’re currently reading!

Here is a short list of creative resources + freebies from some fellow small businesses I love:

  • This lettering book! Plus there’s also a kid version with lots of fun projects! Nicole is one of the most genuine souls I’ve had the pleasure of meeting and I’m so grateful for her friendship!

  • These beautiful floral coloring pages that you can download for free. These were designed by Kristara, one of my best friends who lives in Houston. She owns and operates her own calligraphy studio all while juggling two adorable little girls.

  • Kit + adult friendly ceramics D.I.Y. kits! I’m particularly “frond” of this one and this one too! Y’all know Courtney from our ceramics workshops in our studio, I LOVE her.

  • These downloadable lettering guides from one of the MOST TALENTED lettering artist we know! She even has procreate brushes you can download if you prefer to letter on your iPad. Shelly is the kind of person that just radiates warmth and kindness, I promise you that it’s impossible to have a bad day when she’s around. Everyone needs a friends like Shelly.

  • I’m eagerly awaiting the arrival of this book - for so many reasons but also because she’s a fellow newish mama, and we bonded during our last months of pregnancy through the internet :) Eunice is hilarious, talented and just someone I can’t wait to meet in real life once all of this is over!

  • Another free download for ya! Even more coloring fun with another stationery + workshop instructor pal from the West coast! Chelsea has quickly become a very dear friend of mine, possibly from our shared love of plants, food and Italy.

Sending you all a lot of love + joy for your week!

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