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Printable: 2020 Goal Worksheets

Alyssa Nguyen

Printable: 2020 Goal Worksheets

Wanna know something weird? This is the FIRST year since we opened our doors that we didn’t host our annual Goal Setting Workshop in the studio. I know a baby is a very valid excuse (haha) but seriously, it felt strange not having it on our calendar.

There’s just something magical about starting off the year by carving out some time on a Sunday morning in our studio, surrounded by an intimate group of women who are showing up for themselves. I usually keep the lights off and make use of the cozy natural light we have from our windows, light a candle and put out a pot of warm tea for everyone as we get started.

We’ve had students come every single year to our Goal Setting Workshop and it’s been an honor hearing about how our students achieve their goals. The disclaimer to goals is always that you HAVE to work towards your goals. Writing them down has power in itself but you’ve got to do the work :) And I’m so proud to have seen so many of our students do the work and work towards their goals over the years.

I created these worksheets as a very mini version of our 1.5-2 hour in-person workshop and have plans to elaborate on these to develop a true digital version of our Goal Setting Workshop so that when we get back to hosting them in-person, those of you who are not in Austin or unable to make it to that session can get in on the goal magic.

These worksheets are meant to guide you through reflecting back on last year, before moving on to the current year. I encourage you to carve out at least an hour to spend on these pages, take yourself on a date to a coffee shop one morning or make yourself a warm cup of tea one morning - remove distractions, bust out your new notebook (I know y’all probably have one somewhere and if not, I’ve heard of a great local shop in town ;) and get to it. You can download and print out a worksheet for yourself, as well as download a really cute crystal desktop background below!

Here are a few tips to get started:

Get comfortable (whether you are sitting at your desk or cozied up on your couch)

Take a few deep breaths (inhaling all the good and positivity around, exhaling all the things that feel heavy)

Clear your mind (No excuses, no limitations, nothing holding you back…)

Work through these sheets, if you get stuck - find a moment to pause, don’t stress. Simply move on. You can always go back to what you were stuck on

My word of the year this year is: Savor. To savor the season of life I am in right now with a new baby. To savor the time this business has given me to be able dedicate more time and attention to my family and personal life. To savor and enjoy the hard work I have put in over the past six years for the business to be able to thrive without me working “in” it 24/7. To savor the immense gratitude I have for our shop + studio team, the designers we get to feature in our retail shop, the talented instructors we get to co-host workshops with, and our entire community that supports this business.

Goals are something I really believe in, and I would be so honored to hear from you if you find these worksheets helpful. I’d love to hear what you think of these as you work through them, if you have any big goals you’d like to share with us, as well as if you have any feedback :)


The Monthly Edit: January 2020

Alyssa Nguyen

The Monthly Edit: January 2020


Hey everyone! I hope you all have had a wonderful start to the new year! It’s wild to think we are going into our 5th year as a business and I find that the new year has always been a great time to reflect back. A lot of people are eager to just charge full steam ahead but sometimes you’ve got to slow down first! I love rounding up the good things that happened the year before and come from a place of gratitude for what the previous year has allowed to happen in my life, both personally and for the P+CP. 

I’m working on so many things behind the scenes - albeit a lot slower than usual as I learn how to fill my role as a small business owner while also being a mom to a sweet little baby girl. Sometimes it feels conflicting that my personal life can cross over into the business but I suppose that’s what small business is - it is personal in so many ways.

One of my many goals this year is to continue to be transparent about everything that goes into this business which will include snippets of my own life behind the scenes. I’m grateful for all of you who have followed along all these years and who have been cheering us on - especially in the past year and for sure in the past couple of months since Penelope was born, it’s been truly a huge blessing to feel y’alls love and support through this community online and in-person through our shop + studio!

xo, Pei


2019 in Numbers: 

# of greeting cards sold: over 5000!

# of workshops hosted: 90

# of workshop students who learned something new: 1100

# of community events hosted: 21

# of small businesses supported through our retail shop + workshop studio: 134

# of times we felt grateful for you: COUNTLESS



  • Discovering unique paper goods to bring into our shop (with a focus on really special and unique designers)

  • Adding more giftables to our shelves so we can be a one stop shop for y’all

  • Expanding our in-house P+CP line

  • Curate an exciting workshop and event calendar

  • More connection with our community in person and online too!

We usually host multiple goal setting workshops in our studio in the beginning of each year and this is the first year we haven’t - so I’m working on a free printable mini goal guide for y’all that I plan to have up in the next week or so! Stay tuned!


Y’all know how quickly our workshops tend to fill up, so don’t say we didn’t warn ya!



Be a part of our complimentary community book club here at The Paper + Craft Pantry! 

To kick of the new 2020 year, we'll be reading More Than Enough by Miranda Anderson. You're welcome to read at your own pace through the month, just come to the meeting ready to discuss the entire book! 

We welcome everyone to be a part of our book club but we do require a complimentary RSVP via Facebook if you can :)

Here's a little reminder about how our book club is hosted:

  • We are sharing our book picks by the quarter. So you’ll be able to get an idea of what books are coming up!

  • Book club nights will take place on the last Wednesday of each month from 6pm-7:15pm. January's meeting will take place on Wednesday, January 29th!

  • Book club members are encouraged to bring a snack to share at the meeting and we’ll provide a glass of wine for everyone.

  • Book club members will vote on the next quarters books!




Join us for a Sunday funday filled with all of our favorite things just in time for Valentine’s Day! We’ve rounded up some incredible small businesses who will be popping up in our studio for the afternoon. In addition to picking up the perfect card + stationery from our shop, you’ll be able to pick up flowers to baked goods and locally made bath goodies to on-the-spot custom poetry for the loves in your lives!


2020 Featured Vendors:

Lovelily Flowers

The Good Hippie - all natural apothecary + bath goods

The Matcha Cart - serving up the best matcha beverages

Typewriter Poetry - by Scott James

Whisk ATX - delicious macarons!


Be a part of our complimentary community book club here at The Paper + Craft Pantry! 

For February, we'll be reading The Cactus by Sarah Haywood. You're welcome to read at your own pace through the month, just come to the meeting ready to discuss the entire book! 

We welcome everyone to be a part of our book club but we do require a complimentary RSVP via Facebook if you can :)

Here's a little reminder about how our book club is hosted:

  • We are sharing our book picks by the quarter. So you’ll be able to get an idea of what books are coming up!

  • Book club nights will take place on the last Wednesday of each month from 6pm-7:15pm. February’s meeting will take place on Wednesday, February 26th!

  • Book club members are encouraged to bring a snack to share at the meeting and we’ll provide a glass of wine for everyone.

  • Book club members will vote on the next quarters books!


In case you’re wondering how life is with a new word: HARD. So so so much harder than I could have imagined or anticipated, it’s truly given me a whole new respect for other women who are moms (especially with multiples!) Penelope is an incredible little human and I’m 100% biased but I think she’s just the cutest thing ever - but it’s been a big life change and adjustment all around. I also may have 100% underestimated just how big of a life change and adjustment it would be for me. And to be honest, I really thought that by now (she just turned 2 months last week) I’d be in some sort of rhythm in this new life of mine. Spoiler alert: I’m totally not adjusted and there’s no such thing as a daily rhythm with a baby haha

Feel free to skip through to the bottom for a cute newborn photo ;)

Alright, I feel like to update y’all would require me writing a freaking novel so I’ll just break it up into little bits instead. So here goes!

Penelope’s Birth Story:

First, I’ll go back to the weeks leading up to her birth. It was no secret I was just not a fan of pregnancy, from the symptoms to also enduring it through a brutally hot Texas was just not fun. I did not feel like I glowed, and if anyone thought I was, it was probably just me sweating during the summer. Looking back, it’s weird to think I tried to maintain that things were mostly normal when it came to work or when I was physically at the shop.

My birth plan was to not have a plan. But we went ahead and hired a doula (who was a huge support throughout!), I attended pre-natal workout classes, went to acupuncture and got regular massages (by the end of pregnancy I was so uncomfortable sometimes the only time I got to really snooze was during these massages, I found a therapist at a place close to where I live and I’m going to need to thank her again for not laughing when I fell asleep and snorted myself awake during my session) One of the big things I knew for sure I wanted to avoid was a c-section, for the sole reason that it’s major abdominal surgery and it sounded really painful/scary.

Fast forward to a few weeks before my due date, we went in for an ultrasound and found out that the baby was breeched. I’m sure having a ton of hormones didn’t help but I was SO upset about it. My OB suggested I chat with my acupuncturist as well as scheduled me for a ECV (external cephalic version) at the hospital the following week. I literally tried everything between that appointment and the ECV. The acupuncturist gave me these moxa sticks (looks like a cigar and it emits heat) and I was to use it to heat my outer edge of my pinky toes as it’s supposed to encourage the baby to flip. I know it sounds insane but I mean even my OB suggested it and no one knows why it sometimes works. I was supposed to do this every day and then basically be in some sort of inversion (like downward dog) to make room for the baby to turn. This was extra not fun since I had really bad carpal tunnel from pregnancy and being on your hands/wrists with all the extra pregnancy weight was brutal. 

Well it didn’t work, and Evan only burned my toe once (it was an accident). And I ended up going in for the ECV the following week. They basically poured a small travel sized bottle of olive oil (seriously) on my belly and my OB plus another doctor proceeded to try to turn the baby from the outside aka it felt like they were trying to rearrange all my internal organs with their hands on my belly. AND IT HURT SO BAD - I don’t know if I just have the world’s lowest pain tolerance but it was horrible. I also felt immense guilt for trying to “force” the baby to flip when he or she clearly didn’t want to or maybe couldn’t for reasons we could not see or know about.

Well it didn’t work either. So my OB scheduled me for a C Section the following week. Again, cue the waterworks. I was a huge ball of emotion from fear, anxiety, stress, you name it and I felt it. I googled a lot, Amazon Primed a book about C Sections, read other people’s birth stories who had C Sections to try to ease some of the fear. And basically just cried a ton about it. 

 It felt like even though I tried so hard to do everything “right” to avoid a C Section, this baby had other plans. 

Having a deadline of when to have this baby in theory sounds way better than not knowing when you would go into labor, but it really felt like I was going in for a HUGE test or interview that I wasn’t allowed to prepare for. I honestly had never felt more scared of anything in my life. What if the anesthesia didn’t work and I could feel everything? What if the baby isn’t ok? What if I am in so much pain post surgery I wouldn’t be able to care for the baby? What if I’m in so much pain I won’t be able to bond with the baby? What if someone accidentally leaves a surgical tool inside my abdomen? What if the stress I’ve been feeling for weeks somehow affects the baby?

I’m fairly certain that I spent most of the week leading up to the scheduled c section in tears. Any time someone would message me online or if a friend texted to ask how I was doing I would just cry because I didn’t feel okay but I also didn’t know how to communicate what I was feeling at the time. 

Fast forward to the morning at the hospital (still crying btw haha) it was kind of a blur but Evan reminded me of how I basically interrogated the anesthesiologist about his credentials like how long he’s been doing this, how he’s going to determine how much to give me so I don’t feel anything etc. I think I also questioned my OB one last time before I was taken into the operating room. 

The operating room was SO bright and SO cold. There were so many people in there moving around and I was literally shaking in fear. One of the nurses held me in a hug on the table so they could give me the numbing shot before the anesthesia was administered. She would be one of the many nurses who would help care for me over the next couple of days and although I don’t remember all of their names, I’ll never ever be able to repay them for the kindness and care they showed me during such a vulnerable time.

I’m so grateful that we chose not to find out the baby’s gender because it was something exciting in the midst of all the other not so positive feelings I had about the delivery. When they got the baby out, I remember Evan saying she was a girl! And I don’t think I really comprehended anything (still crying by the way), they whisked her to the side to get her checked out and I recall just hearing her scream/cry/yell. It seemed like it took forever for them to get me stitched back up and I think I told Evan to make sure no one left their iPhone inside me.

And this is how Penelope June came into the world.

Round Up: 2020 Q1 Paper + Craft Pantry Book Club Picks

Alyssa Nguyen

Round Up: 2020 Q1 Paper + Craft Pantry Book Club Picks



  1. We are sharing our book picks by the quarter. So you’ll be able to get an idea of what books are coming up!

  2. Book club nights will take place on the last Wednesday of each month from 6pm-7:15pm.

  3. Book club members are encouraged to bring a snack to share at the meeting and we’ll provide a glass of wine- you guys voted for snacks + wine :)

  4. Book club members will vote on the next quarters books!

  5. We’re committed to making this year the best year yet for book club- and are asking you to join us. Make reading a part of your routine, carve out that one time a month to join us in our studio, better yet, invite a friend to join us. Book club is meant to keep us connected in this busy, busy world!

You can RSVP via our FB page so we can get a heads up of how many of ya’ll to expect ;)

Photo Nov 11, 1 40 46 PM.jpg


More Than Enough by Miranda Anderson


Wednesday, January 30th 6pm-7:15pm

Photo Nov 11, 1 41 07 PM (1).jpg


The Cactus by Sarah Haywood


Wednesday, February 26th 6pm-7:15pm


The Art of Making Memories by Meik Wiking


Wednesday, March 25th 6pm-7:15pm

D.I.Y.: Easy Handmade Holiday Ornaments

Alyssa Nguyen

D.I.Y.: Easy Handmade Holiday Ornaments

Hey friends!

With this chilling cold front, we’re now officially in the holiday spirit! We whipped up these seriously easy D.I.Y. ornaments that literally just take 5 simple steps to complete. These look particularly adorable as wrapping or gifting accents, and would even look so cute in a large glass jar in your home.

We love that you can personalize it by choosing your own color palettes too! p.s. Metallics look extra festive so be sure to get some metallic paints for this project ;)




  • Shatterproof Ornaments
  • Acrylic Paint
  • Twine or ribbon
  • Scissors


1. Uncap the ornaments by removing the prongs + cap.

2. Add in 2-3 colors of paint right into the ornament bulb. *Pro-tip: you will want to add more paint than you think you’ll need to be sure there’s enough to swirl around + coat the interior of the ornament!

3. Swirl around and watch the colors blend and marble together!

4. Leave upside down to drain out excess paint.

5. Let dry over night before adding the cap back on + adding twine to your ornaments! *Pro- tip: Use an egg carton or crate to hold your ornaments to dry up right over night!


The Monthly Edit: November + December 2019

Alyssa Nguyen

The Monthly Edit: November + December 2019

Happy cold front everyone!

It was pretty crazy how the weather dropped from muggy + warm to frigid + wintery in a matter of hours (although it felt like minutes the other day!)

I’m combining Nov + Dec’s post for obvious reasons that the holiday season is just crazy for everyone and also because this baby could be here any day now! Ah! It’s been a whirlwind of a year and as we head into my personal favorite time of the year both personally and at the shop, it does make me a teeny bit sad that I physically will not be in the shop through this season. Honestly, I have fomo haha.

If you haven’t already been in the shop the past few months, you may haven noticed some new faces. We’ve grown our little team over the year and have an incredible group of girls who I cannot imagine not having as a part of the P+CP. Truly, without their support, stepping back from the shop would feel impossible and I’m so grateful for each of them.

The holiday season can bring out the best (and sometimes the worst, because it can be a stressful season!) So this is a disclaimer, I adore each of them and I will find you if you are mean or rude to any of them while I’m away ;)

Anyway, here’s a bunch of updates and recaps to end this year. The next time you hear from me on the blog for a monthly edit will likely include updates of a tiny human!


November 3rd

We celebrated our 4th anniversary with a birthday party on Sunday, November 3rd! We released our new winter P+CP collection including new stationery, tote, and candle scent! We also launched our customized stationery service in the shop!

Our early birds who waited in line over an hour before we opened got an amazing goody bag - including the option to customize stationery for themselves.

It was such a fun day and we loved seeing so many of you come celebrate with us!


Join us as we welcome 7 local artists into our studio for our this year's East Austin Studio Tour!

Weekend One (November 16 + 17)
Christy Beard - mixed media sculpture installation
Crystal Garcia - ceramics
Anna Muniz - watercolor

Weekend Two (November 23 + 27)
Diana Ascarrunz - photography
Kathy Phan - watercolor
Kirsten Saksa Juen - ceramics
Gabrielle Zandan - weavings


Don’t miss out on your last chance(s) to join us for some creative fun before 2019 is over! Grab your ticket and we’ll see you in the studio!


A new segment I’ve been wanting to introduce, a short + sweet story (anonymous of course) of a sweet guest interaction we’ve had in the shop. These small interactions and stories make small business ownership worth it.

We’ve had a sweet gal who has been coming into our shop ever since we were in our first location. She’s popped in regularly for many months picking up cards - and as we got to know her, we learned that she was writing a card to her fiancé and saving them for their wedding day. It made us so happy to hear she was literally writing him little love notes leading up to their big and special day.

The fact that we get to play a small role in y’alls lives truly is one of the biggest reason having a brick + mortar has been the best thing - as well as being able to continue to bring ya’ll the best stationery!


So I may have been a little unrealistic in thinking I was just going to work until the day the baby arrived. To be honest, a lot of this whole pregnancy has been a series of unexpected things happening! I’m now officially in week 37 and let me tell you, I have NO IDEA how some women are still smiling when they’re this far along. I have been so miserable, more than ever!

Sure I’ve been tired, my feet have hurt, back aches and other typical maladies that are to be expected - but in the past couple of weeks it just feels amplified. And it also seems like a cruel joke that you get no sleep once you have a new born but the weeks leading up to it you also get no sleep because finding a comfortable position to sleep at night is impossible! My newest symptom has been really bad carpal tunnel, mostly on my right hand which makes even typing difficult. I tried watering some of the plants in our green house with the garden hose and couldn’t grip the hose… the struggle is SO real.

After my doctor’s appointment last week where I got some not so fun news (nothing super serious but not something I feel like publicly sharing right now at least) it occurred to me that perhaps I needed to be more realistic on my expectations for myself in the next few weeks and into this new chapter. This meant swallowing my pride and asking for support + more help from the girls at the shop, even with Evan around the house. This also meant pulling out of this year’s EAST even though I’d been working on my art piece for several months. And the big change is that I am giving myself the deadline of now (like literally after I finish up this post) to officially not be working.

Taking the time to focus on myself, both mentally and physically needs to be a priority right now and as much as I don’t want to, I need to!

I am so grateful for the community that rallies around, supports and loves the P+CP! A lot of you have asked how you can support me/the P+CP and honestly the big thing is to continue loving on us as a small business through the next few months. Swing by even though I’m not there and say hi to the girls - they’re amazing and I would not be able to step back in the way I feel like I need to without each of them. Continue to tell your friends about our shop, visit us for Small Business Saturday, gift someone you love a workshop (or better yet yourself too!)

Don’t worry, I’ll still be “around” and will be popping in to update y’all on Instagram but I’ll likely see y’all sometime in the new year!

xoxo, Pei

The Monthly Edit: October 2019

Alyssa Nguyen

The Monthly Edit: October 2019

Hey paper people!

Hope you all are having an amazing October so far! Hard to believe we are already in the last week of the month, and once again it seems like I’m so behind on trying to get these monthly posts out on the first of each month haha. In my defense, I may or may not have had a little freak out moment on October 1st when it occurred to me how little time I had left before this baby arrives to get all the things I wanted done. Both on the personal/home front as well as for the shop. Plus I definitely had a week of first trimester EXHAUSTION where I basically was asleep for several days in a row. So perhaps what I am learning is to be okay with things being undone, or not done the exact way I want - but that’s just life too right?

In any case, I am one happy camper that the weather seems to have cooled off significantly and I think those 100+ degree days are over. I think everyone in Austin can agree we were all so over the extreme heat!

p.s. Sharing about the baby shower a sweet friend of mine hosted for me this last weekend in Life Lately so be sure to read through the end!

xo, Pei


1. Hosted a really fun and successful Plant Swap Party (something I hope will become an annual event that grows with our community!

2. Hosted our 82nd workshop + event of 2019. Literally looked through our studio calendar and counted out everything - sometimes it’s nice to take am moment to look back and be proud of what we accomplish as a small business :)

3. Worked on the final top secret details of our 4th birthday bash (more details in this post later!)



Y’all know how quickly our workshops tend to fill up, so don’t say we didn’t warn ya! Our entire Fall workshop calendar is LIVE!

Don’t miss out on a chance to join us in our studio and get creative before the hustle and bustle of the holiday season is here. We can’t wait to have you!


Yep, maybe I’m crazy but we will be releasing 34 new product SKUS very soon! It’s been amazing how much you guys have loved our in-house line :)


We’re officially a part of the East Austin Studio Tour! And we’ll be featuring 8 local, women artists in our studio - 4 of each of the weekends!


And we want to celebrate with Y-O-U!


Well….I’m officially 35 weeks this week and I have NO clue how time has gone by so fast. My mom has been in Singapore and she finally got back the end of last month - she’s been in town for a little over a week so far helping us with things around the house. And we also had a baby shower this weekend, so it’s been a busy, busy week around here. We’ve had a bunch of family and friends stay with us too so it’s been a little more hectic at home than usual. My mom and step dad plus their two dogs were here for a week, then he left with the dogs before my friend and her husband plus two kiddos came to stay with us. And then Evan’s mom came into town for the shower. Talk about FULL HOUSE haha

Like I said earlier I’m feeling a little stressed (to be perfectly honest) about how I’m supposed to get “everything” done. Also nervous about how I’m supposed to step back/away (even temporarily) from the business. And to top if off throw in the fact I don’t feel ready to be responsible for another life. Everyone says you’re never ready and you’ll figure it out so here’s to hoping they’re right!

Anyway, the baby shower was hosted by one of my dearest friend who planned it all from Houston. I was very anti-baby shower the whole time but she promised it would be low key, no weird baby shower games, and I did not want to sit around and open presents (idk why but that makes me super uncomfortable - so we waited to do that until after we got back to my house with just a few friends/my mom and Evan’s mom around)

I’m sharing bunch of photos from Saturday morning - it was seriously such a cute and sweet way to celebrate with close friends!


How long do you plan to be on maternity for?

I don’t really have a set time frame honestly. From the time the baby arrives I anticipate it being a huge (and difficult) transition personally so I’ve been working really hard to get as much as I can done for the business so I can truly step away. Again, feeling super blessed to have some amazing gals on our team who I know will keep things running smoothly in my absence! I’m guessing I won’t be able to stay away for long and will likely still be working whenever I can/remotely and occasionally popping in when I can too. But I think it goes back to the fact that I’m really proud that over the years, I’ve worked really hard for this business that I feel confident it’s time that it can work for me while I go through this new chapter in life!

What else do you need to get done before the baby gets here (personally)?

We just got the baby room kinda put together and started doing a bunch of laundry. Tiny clothes and things are really cute you guys! There are still a few things on my to-do list at home that we’ve been slowly knocking out - my mom has been in town helping out and that’s been really nice. I know we are going to try to make some freezer meals for quick meals and mostly just making sure that we have someone to help care for the dogs once I go into labor until we get home!

What else do you need to get done before the baby gets here (for the shop)?

SO MUCH! haha I’m already squaring away our Q1 workshops and events so all that can go live while I’m away. I’ve done all my holiday + rest of 2019 buying which is terrifying because all small businesses know cash flow is a very real and scary thing. I still have so much fomo of not being here for the holiday season.

How are you feeling?

It changes day to day. Some days I feel good physically and mentally, some days I feel terrible. My physical symptoms change day-to-day and range from really bad joint and hip pain to heart burn. I’ve also got some kinda allergy + cold combo going on and that’s no fun at all!

I’m trying to focus on taking one day at a time and giving myself a lot of bandwidth to do things a little slower than I normally do. It’s really a struggle to not move and do things at a more efficient pace as someone who is a doer and go getter. I guess a part of this whole thing is learning to slow down and be okay with doing the best I can, knowing that there will be things left undone - and it’ll all still be okay. At least that’s what I keep telling myself!